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One aspect of saving more money is to earn more money. While that may not always be an option, savings can be made if you tweak a few things here and there. Managing your spending is an important part of it and there are 3 main ways in which you can start saving more without making too many compromises.

1. Managing your subscriptions properly

We live in an age in which everything that we use is based on some form of the subscription model. Your cellphone plan, streaming subscriptions, certain home delivery services, and so on. The problem comes from the poor management of such subscriptions. It is not uncommon to sign up for a streaming service and then forget about it. What you need to do is to check your credit card statement and see where your money goes. Just ditch all the services you have not used and just keep one or two.

For your mobile subscription, things are a bit different. There is still an opportunity to save some cash on your mobile bill. A good way of saving money is to just switch to a different carrier. There are small carriers, called MVNOs that offer much better plans.

Another alternative is to just get a prepaid sim card as it can be a good way to start saving tens of dollars monthly on your bills.

2. Be less impulsive with your spending

Certainly, you had some moments in which you wanted something and you immediately pulled the trigger and bought it. This is called impulsive buying and it is one of the driving reasons for credit card debt. You should always sleep on it before deciding to spend money on something.

Give yourself some time to think if you need that thing you have an itch to buy. You will discover that you crave to buy a lot of stuff that you do not need. If you manage to avoid unnecessary spending, that can be considered a means of saving more money.

3. Pay with cash

It may sound odd but paying with cash can help save more money. You should always have a budget and keep some cash in your wallet to cover what it is you plan on spending money on. For example, if you go groceries shopping have a list and pay with cash.

Knowing that you have a fixed amount of cash in your wallet will prevent you from spending money on unnecessary things.

Another benefit of paying with cash that can aid in developing a habit of saving money is what it does to our brain. Researchers have shown that when paying with cash, pain receptors in our brain start to light up. When paying with a credit card, the opposite happens. In simple words, if you pay with cash, you will experience a certain degree of psychological discomfort that will make you less keen on giving your money away for unjustifiable expenses.