Money value: Find a mentor

Money is an extremely important aspect of life. If we want to grow financially it is a good idea to have a mentor who values money the same way we do. Sometimes we don’t feel safe about what’s the best way to be financially successful. A mentor can represent a great guide to achieving and establishing the lifestyle we always wanted to have. To achieve this you have to be clear about the fair money value, since a full life is based on total balance. The best way to find the ideal mentor is to do your research and ask questions and couple this with those who are already walking the path.

Choosing well

When choosing your millionaire mentor you should observe their lifestyle from a complete perspective. Maybe you do know that they may have a lot of money in your opinion, now look at other aspects. Your ideal mentor should also enjoy excellent health, be a nice individual, do physical activity, take an interest in altruistic causes, have a full love life and have formed a healthy family, if he has children.

If you find a millionaire mentor with all of these characteristics, you are very lucky. Just remember that no one is perfect and each one will have quirks and little things which make us human. Remember – (You and I ) We are not perfect either. Surely with a genuine approach you can ask these persons to mentor you on your journey, and quite a few of them would be keen to do such. Be prepared to learn!


Once you have chosen your millionaire/billionaire mentor try to communicate with them in any way you both may consider acceptable whether – phone, friends in common, through social networks, etc. Compliment but do not be sappy and clingy, this is one thing which some of us may find useful.

Then ask him your question carefully. If you want a complete answer don’t ask them too simple a question or one that is closed ended, but more of an open ended question.

For example, don’t ask them how they became a millionaire, because they could simply answer you: “Trading”. Instead, consider asking, “How did you achieve such a balanced life between your productivity and your life in general?” Thanks to this kind of question they may then open up to you and provide even resources as well which you may use and may find valuable.


Once you have received his answer, be sure to thank them for their time and good pre-disposition. Follow his advice and apply it in your financial life situation, with the ability to be able to go back to the mentor and seek further information.

You may even consider adjusting your mindset towards MONEY VALUE and the starting the quality of life journey similar to your millionaire mentor. Remember to tweak the information to your own situation as you do not want to necessarily become a clone.

Once you continue the easy dialogue and you apply the advice and see some little success wins that you meet, be sure to thank the mentor. It is also the polite thing to do, as you may be then considered as a mentor for someone who is now also starting their own journey. Be genuine… and you may learn even more than what is publicly available as a student.