Risk Tolerance: The fundamental role it plays in investment

Financial risk tolerance is the psychological capacity to accept that a given financial decision will result in a different outcome than desired. The higher the risk tolerance, the more risky investments the individual will be encouraged to make. If it all goes well, he will make a lot of money and if it goes badly, he will lose a lot of money.

This psychological characteristic plays a fundamental role in the investment planning of an individual or a company. Low-risk investments generate little profit. Risky investments can generate large profits, but be mindful that they carry the danger of losing big.


Before embarking on an investment, it is important that you know what is your risk tolerance level. If you know yourself and you know that you would not tolerate large financial losses, simply do not face risky investments.

Also take into account your age. As an individual ages, we tend to take on less financial risk. The priority overall is to preserve your physical integrity and protect the capital which you may have built up over the course of your life. Younger people are generally encouraged to make riskier investments because, they know they tend to have their whole lives ahead of them, just in case things do not go as expected.

Encouraging change

Investors use a risk-reward ratio to compare the expected return of an investment

You know you have a low tolerance for financial risk, yet you would like to change that attitude. You should know that having a good education and good academic knowledge can make you less fearful of financial losses. If you have doubts about the investment you are going to make, just inform yourself about it and consult with specialists on the subject.

You will surely find a way to reduce the risks and you will feel more confident about investing. It would not be good for you to lose the opportunity to earn a lot of money simply because you were not well informed. Of couse the opposite is true – where, if you invested and took a risk without informing yourself of all the potential risks – this can be devastating.

Many investors and investment offers state there is risk involved in the investment you make. It also usually state that previous earnings is not a reflection of future gains. These are all ways to highlight that you are to be mindful of your risk, and your tolerance.


Risk tolerance, is a psychological characteristic that is also generated in childhood. It can be influenced by the family, the close environment and the education received, even the circle of friends.

This characteristic tends not to change and remains generally the same in perspective throughout life. However, the individual may change his/her attitude over the years due to the experiences lived. The most important thing is that you know exactly what your level of tolerance to financial risk is so that you can make good decisions.

There is no reason for you to take financial risks that you are not willing to tolerate. Trust your instincts and then act with certainty.