Are you a blogger running out of ideas on how to drive traffic to your blog/website? Do you feel like your blogging efforts are going unrewarded? If yes, no need to get nervous since many bloggers, including the most successful ones, have endured it. 

No business owner who’s ever hosted a blog can claim that he attracted a massive readership without enduring frustrations at some point. Most bloggers/website owners expect readers to flock to their blogs immediately after going online, but the reality is it takes time and resources to build a formidable audience. 

The odds of getting discouraged and giving in on this undertaking are quite high. Still, once you realize the benefits, you’ll discover that your blog can have an enormous effect on your business by driving traffic to your site, aiding you to build a social media audience, and make an impression to both the existing and prospective clients. 

With that in mind, here are proven strategies that can aid you to drive more traffic to your blog/website:

Post content frequently

According to the latest studies pertaining to blogging, bloggers who post new content and update the existing one often are more likely to attract more readers to their blogs hence increasing traffic—search engines like Google accord higher priority to sites with fresh content. Therefore, if you want your blog to be easily noticed by search engines, update it twice or more a week. 

Write eye-catching titles

No matter how good your content is, it may go unnoticed if it lacks proper titles. This is because potential readers pay attention to the titles before they decide to click and read more. Titles matter a lot, and that’s why media outlets use striking headlines to attract viewers’/readers attention. When you apply the same technique to your blog, you’ll automatically increase readership hence more traffic. 

Know your niche

Although you may be interested in weight loss, dental implants, top beaches worldwide, you’ll audience may become disinterested in your content if it lacks a clear and concise theme. Define your target audience, what they want to read, and the exact message you intend to deliver. 

Incorporate Keywords

Keywords are a crucial aspect of SEO that cannot be underrated. One of the most effective techniques to drive more traffic to your site is to ensure every page has a keyword strategy. Therefore, for every blog post you upload, pick one fundamental phrase that would help the readers to find your post easily. 

Next, add a phrase into the blog post title, the page headline, within the page’s content twice or more in a featured image on the page and part of the page link. Keywords help Google learn what the page entails, which can generate additional traffic from the search engines. 

Add social sharing buttons.

If you share your blog posts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other major social network, consider adding social sharing buttons to every network to make it possible for the readers to share it further. 

Add links

Remember to include a link in your blog post whenever you mention another company’s product or service. The link should take a reader to the company’s page when clicked. Aside from Google encouraging the incorporation of outbound links, the company mentioned may also discover your post and link back to you. Also, readers like it when you render resources to make it effortless for them to find things they’re searching for. 


All of the above traffic generation techniques are proven, but that doesn’t guarantee overnight results. Put them into practice, and you’ll ultimately get new visitors to your site hence more traffic. Also, keep in mind that posting fresh content consistently is the key to attracting more readers and making your blog easily noticed by search engines.