Debt can sneak up on us at any given moment whether it’s a bill or an unexpected rate increase. It’s unpleasant and sometimes outright depressing when it happens but there are ways to protect yourself from spending more than what you have and run the risk of getting into debt.

Energy Consumption

As simple as it sounds, turning off appliances, lights and other items run on electric or gas can really make a difference to the bill when it’s due. That means when you walk out of your home, even if it’s just for thirty minutes or less, turn off that air purifier, the microwave and the TV.

Try it until you get your next bill and compare them with the one you received last time to see how much you save. It really does make a difference.

Declutter Subscriptions

Since we are in the Digital Age we can get a subscription for just about anything online from magazines to movies and restaurants to antivirus protection. The thing is, subscriptions can sneak into the background and we can forget we have them even when they are being paid for each month and worse still, annually.

Learn to review and declutter your subscriptions once a year so they don’t steal your hard earned cash, especially if you no longer use them. When you actually add them all up together, you’ll see that you’re spending quite a fair amount and that is where the slippery slope into debt hell starts.

Travel Expenses

Walking to work is not an option for some, but when you’re in debt can you really afford to be paying monthly fees on a vehicle that shortens a fifteen minute trip? Or, in some cases, that just sits out of the street all the time because there’s nowhere to go? Consider swapping your vehicle for a bus or pure and simple walking.

Think of it this way, not only will you be making the planet healthier by cutting down on emissions and improving your own physical health, you’ll also be cutting a good chunk of cost out of your monthly expenditure and that’s never a bad thing. Think about it. Declutter your travel expenses. 

Medical Bills

This might be a strange one to read but buying prescription medication can incur quite the expense, but it’s something you need. If you’re in debt – or even if you’re not – try taking a look at reducing the cost of your medications. For example, in the UK there is the pre-payment certificate that is paid for by a small monthly fee and covers your prescriptions for a full year.

It beats paying the current price for them, especially if you have more than one prescription to pick up each month. Declutter your medical bills to save money and avoid financial pain. Maybe you can check with your local pharmacist or area to see if they have similar, or even within the National Health Service.