Achieve a higher net worth – seek those who already have it

You work enthusiastically every day to grow financially and fulfill yourself as an individual. However, you are not earning the amount of money you would like to and you wonder where you might be failing. One of the first things that you should do is ignore those people who do a similar or even the same job and are in a similar same financial situation as youself.

If you really are serious about growing financially stronger and improving your financial situation, then consider paying attention to those who are doing things to achieve their own increased net worth and are succeeding at it. In fact you’ll know even though many of them may even be subtle in their actions. Always be sure that your motive is genuine as no one wants to have a colleague or contact who will poach.

Of course it is important in order to change our financial situation to consider what their mindset is. See what is their priority number 1, 2 and 3 and also what they may do in order to be financially sound.

Success comes from you practising successful habits…

Boycery – ryan

They value their expertise

You may know of some individuals who have the same profession as you and earn four or five times more than you. Along with this they seem to have set aside some money for a “rainy day” or even six-months worth of savings in case of job loss or some other emergency.

So how do they get it done? One way would be to value the knowledge of persons who have done it before which they may have done. In other words they had a mentor who acted to coach them along to a stronger financial spot. Along with this – they may have even improved their own knowledge – by researching ways on how for example to improve their credit score, or how to improve their debt situation.

Additionally – the value of knowledge and the academic training they have acquired, may have also helped. This makes them constantly think about how to generate new income from what they know how to do. They have several sources of income, not just one.

For example: a literature teacher may have a formal job in a school and in her spare time teaches literature on different online platforms. As a result, they have a higher net worth, that allows them to enjoy a high standard of living.

They perform activities they enjoy

Believe it or not, many successful people are not obsessed with making more money or climbing the career ladder. They may work long hours, but they also enjoy other activities. They tend to exercise, play sports, have an artistic hobby, etc. Doing something they enjoy outside of work lifts their spirits.

That attitude makes them discover opportunities in their professional area that others do not see. Keep in mind that a stressed and overwhelmed individual is unlikely to discover amazing opportunities.

Encouraging risk-taking

If you take a good look at those who have the same profession as you but earn more money, you will find that they are encouraged to take more risks. They trust their instinct and their knowledge.

Maybe you are in a comfort zone that you don’t dare to get out of. Surely you have the same knowledge as your colleague, but you don’t value yourself as you should. Consider choosing a challenge that may excite you and push your limits just a little bit to do something new. It is also a significant learning experience – to help you and maybe you eventually become a coach/mentor to someone looking to grow financially.