Maybe we hear it so often that it starts to sound almost like a stuck record. However, I am sure that someone out there that you may know, or even you yourself reading this right now, can appreciate it yet again. The five persons around you, influence and impact how far you get in your journey, or, in other words you are a reflection of those persons by whom you are surrounded.

Are The Right People In Your Inner Circle?

Quite a few of us want to make a lot of money during the course of a lifetime. Additionally it is during this same lifetime, that we choose and are surrounded by friends and associates.

Still, what most people do not realize is that the two things are actually related. One factor that decides whether you become a success or not is: Whom are you letting in your circle?

Les Brown has said: “Birds of a feather flock together.” What that means, is that you will tend to adopt the view-points and even the opinions of those persons that you spend the most of your time with. So! If you spend every day with people who are negative and can’t see the good in any situation then sooner or later, their thoughts will creep into your mind, influence you and that could destroy your work ethic if they convince you that everything you try to make money is pointless outside of a normal job. This is also a form of peer pressure or peer influence.

But what if the opposite is true?

What if the people whom you spend most of your time with are people who want to achieve something themselves? Those, persons who have a mindset of get-up and go? Then naturally the peer influence will happen here as well. In fact, in a brief chat with Dwayne of Debt Free Caribbean, he indicated that this was one of the major first steps which he took.

Dwayne says that, when he told his circle of friends about his plan to journey out of debt and grow his wealth, he realized that the type of responses were along the lines of – Why? or, You already have a job!!! Bro, are you kidding? This was one key turner in his debt free journey.

Surrounding yourself with the rightly motivated persons, and you will tend adopt the viewpoints and opinions of those people. Additionally, you can use their viewpoints and opinions as well for growth.

A basic example is seen, when we go shopping with friends. Think on the times when we go out to chill as well, or the time we go out to party. So often we are influenced by our circles in these cases to spend, spend, and spend some more. Consider if the conditions are right to start a business or invest, and being surrounded by like minded persons.

Many people don’t realize how powerful reinforcement can be regardless if it is positive or negative. The confidence of a person can be changed in either direction when trying to achieve something. If there is a little bit of doubt in your mind, and if the people closest to you keep telling you that you are headed for failure, your confidence can eventually die. Of course it is also good to seek wise council from those who have passed this route already.

Everybody has heard that it’s lonely at the top. Have you ever questioned why it’s lonely at the top for people who make it?

People who value being liked never achieve anything because once you start getting a little success, some people get jealous they aren’t getting what you accumulate. If you also start putting all of your faith into the opinions of those people who may also likely to be jealous of you, then the skepticism of those people will convince you that you have been lucky so far and you are setting yourself up for failure if you continue.

One question you should be asking is: What experience are those people drawing their opinion from?

We all have people in our lives and the ones that are closest to us, we look for support when things get tough. The times we look for support are also when we are the most vulnerable. If the people closest to you say it’s all for nothing, then you will give up on what you want because you will believe the people saying that it is unreachable.

If the people that are closest to you motivate you positively then what could stop you?