The importance of the why in our financial life – is key…

Generally, persons have two major goals when it comes to their financial lives. One – to become debt-free and Two – grow their net worth. Both goals are entirely reasonable. Every individual deserves to live a debt-free life and have a net worth that allows them to achieve high financial status, and not be burdened by the ability not to live comfortably.

While so may of us may struggle to achieve one or both of these goals. There are others who are debt free, but live too austerely. That is no fun now is it…Others are capable of building large fortunes but yet easily incur debt. The key to being debt free and building great wealth is to focus on THE WHY.

The reason we want to achieve a goal, inspires us to act to transform a negative situation.

Why? – Being Debt Free

Living a debt-free life is the desire of many.

However, alot of people have a hard time achieving it. They deeply desire not to owe money to anyone, but they inevitably get into debt. This happens because they may not focus on THE WHY they have this desire. Think about it…your “Why” may be to become truly debt free. This is fine to have as a motive or goal in order to continue our journey.

Once they find that powerful reason to eliminate that problem, they will surely never owe anyone again. Becoming debt free is a wonderful thing that allows us to live in peace, sleep well enough and also make the most of the money we generate. Living a harmonious life is a great motivation to eliminate debt from our financial reality.

Why? – Growing Our Net Wealth

Being clear about THE WHY we want to grow our net wealth will encourage us to facilitate our path to financial well-being. Obviously, we all want to enjoy a good standard of living that allows us to have everything we want.

However, not everyone can achieve this easily…and, it may be important to surround yourself with persons who can push you or motivate you to action.

Wealth creation is a goal that must be approached with some of our deepest motivations. For example: We may want to have a lot of money to buy a big house so that maybe our children can play freely and even invite their friends. For many, that reason is powerful enough to be inspired to generate the “why?” we need to achieve our financial goal.

Working On Our Motivations

Knowing THE WHY we want to become debt free, and, grow our net wealth, will give us the perspective and also indicate what we really need to do to achieve the goal. It is convenient to imagine how good we will feel once we are debt free. That mental image will act to motivate us to generate the same money we need to pay our debts. In the same way, we should imagine all the happiness that having everything we want can bring us. Our desire is one of the main sources of inspiration and we must make the most of them. The desire too…