As part of this journey now towards making $250K US in 15 months, one of the first things which kept cropping up when researching for ideas on what to do and how to get it done, was mindset. The mindset that you have to change or modify in order to climb out of this situation is significant. It can be explained like how that person who is struggling with some habit such as gambling or drugs or something similar, needs to change their mind or determine that they want to break the habit.

In this case – it is the development of a mindset to make money, to create wealth to find a way to grow. In other words, let us figure out the “WHY” – Why do you want to make this amount of money?

Is it to show off to friends or family? Is it to afford more stuff? Is it to get rid of the burden of debt around your neck. For me it was indeed wanting to break out, and pay off my debt and also restore my credit rating.

Making 250K meant that I now had to look at money differently… Look at it as a tool, and at the same time, use it for creating a business of some sort. I started to look at those who have been in a similar space. I took to listening to persons out there such as Grant Cardone, and Matt Sapaula, and even Daniel Kwak.

The key thing which emerged again and again, was to start adjusting your mindset. Also a close second was the consideration of your circle of friends and associates. That one we will tackle in another article.

As such – adjusting my mindset started immediately. This also involved updating what I read, and what content I was engaged with. It also meant that I had to ease off those who were a bit more negative and tend to be pessimistic in their outlook. Sometimes we are trying to help persons – but it ends up that we get the losing end of the stick with such pessimisim at times.

The next step was to start some focused goal setting and mapping out the path as well as timelines. Further to this – it seems that once I started – other things seemed to start falling into place to make it happen. On my freelancer accounts – the number of enquiries and booking request started to increase, as well as simply chatting to some clients caused them to spark some interest. Wow!!!

Maybe its a stroke of luck or maybe its karma – However what it is right now is to make the climb out. As of writing this – I’ve started to collect some check payments, and I will from that – take about 10% of the revenue to advertise and blog and boost and push. The mindset has now been changed…

The new focus – climb out of debt – no retreat – no surrender… If I can do it! so can you…let’s go…