Even in the various states of an ongoing pandemic, many of us will still receive a call from the financial institutions that we need to bring our debts, mortgages, line-of-credits and so on under control. This here, is also written from a position of having received such a call from the financial institution to increase the monthly payment towards my mortgage. The demand is to increase the monthly payments by the end of month or else face the legal battles.

It must be noted that having being restructured from a job a few years ago – the converstation was indeed started with the financial institution that the financial circumstances with respect to income had changed. Changed significantly that the monthly payments would have been impacted. As such, payments were still being made, and, based on the contract agreement as long as a payment, one at least, is made within a 6-month period then you are still relatively safe.

Covid has occurred. Tons of jobs have vanished in thin air. With the advent of online opportunities and the need for soft/online services which still enable you to generate an income, there is still some sort of income. Albeit a bit lesser that what was the norm income pre-covid pandemic. Of course the financial institution even after being asked to consider their position of leniency with their customers and clients seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

This bit of rant is – that throughout the period of the pandemic, payments were still being made and monthly! Let’s repeat this – Monthly payments continued throughout the pandemic, at the rate prior to when the pandemic struck. Guess what? The financial institution called just a week ago to say that even though you have been making payments, you will now need to increase significantly to stop us from going to our lawyers to commence proceedings.

The same way our bodies go into a fight/flight/fright response – this is what happened mentally. It also unearthed a survival and fighter mentally at the same time. The warrior has now been released… It also means that you reading this and also experiencing something similar to NOT GIVE UP!!! but to now go into the warrior mode. Let’s call it the Boscobelle Warrior! As we move from a position of vulnerability to one of strenght – it starts with our mind and our mental attitude. Let The Fight Begin!! I will share various things which I have tried and maybe you can also share some of your tips and techniques to crawl out of debt in a real way.

My target is to pay off $250K USD in debt in 15 months…What’s Yours?

Come on Boscobelle Warriors we have a fight and it starts now…there is money to be made…