The CREDIT CARD is one of the most popular means of payment in the world, as it has always been seen as a way to meet unexpected expenses. However, if a credit card is used in a smart way, it can help to save money. For starters, it is advisable to have only one credit card, because the more credit cards you have, the more monthly expenses you will have. You should know that your card backs every purchase you make and in the long run that gives you prestige and bonuses that will help you to buy more.

Savings Ideas

You always have an opportunity to save money with your CREDIT CARD, the key is to think before you act.

  • Shop only at stores that are associated with your credit card to take advantage of discounts that will represent savings on your purchases.
  • Reduce to the maximum the expenses of maintenance of your CREDIT CARD. To achieve this you should choose a type of financing with minimum interest and that does not require additional payments.
  • Choose the total monthly payment of your credit card and pay on time. This is the golden key so that you never have to overpay.

  • Take advantage of cash back. Some cards return a percentage of what you have bought, in some specific stores.
  • Take advantage of additional insurance. Some cards have travel, anti-fraud, accident, etc. insurance. You have to take them into account, because maybe they will save you money because you will not need to hire an insurance company.
  • Take advantage of temporary offers. Maybe now a product or service you need next month is at a significant discount now. Take advantage of it now with your CREDIT CARD, because you know that next month that offer will not be available. You must be sure you need that product or service.

  • Pay with cards that give you points. Some CREDIT CARDS give you points every time you use them. When you reach a certain amount of points, you can redeem them for something you need. That represents a savings in the long run. Use these types of cards for major purchases, so you get a lot of points.
  • The CREDIT CARD is incredibly useful abroad. Keep in mind that withdrawing money from an ATM abroad has a high cost, so always carry your card. If you are in another country, use cash for small expenses and the rest use your CREDIT CARD.