So often this thought crosses our mind, since there seems to be so much hype and all the niceties that seem to go with being a millionaire. You know all of the ease to do whatever you could conceptualise. There is for some the thought of maybe acquiring the trendy outfits, or not having to worry about the budget that doesn’t allow you to stretch your dollar enough.

However there is the process of becoming a millionaire which teaches us how to do business, and things like budgeting or investing as well as identifying needs versus wants. There is also now the identification on what should even be a priority or not.

Starting The Journey

What is your why? Coming from a personal perspective, if you don’t know why you want to do something then the value and motive behind it fizzles.

Just think about it. Ideally, if you are serious about this path, then I encourage you to identify at least three (3) key reasons becoming a millionaire would be a good thing for you. Maybe your “Why”, is to simply get out of debt and be able to provide a sustainable lifestyle for yourself or your family. Additionally the “Why” could be to create generational wealth such that your offspring and family do not have to go through what you had to go through in order to live or survive.

Another reason why could be the ability to provide a means of comfort and support to persons or organisations that help the wider community. Therefore enhancing the lives of a wider group of persons maybe on the other side of the globe as well, and as part of your humanitarian effort.

Consider – What is your why?

What Could Be Next?

Great!!! Now that we know what is the reason or “the why” behind our journey, one of the next steps is to assess your current position. Identify what you are doing at this overall point in time and also now consider what needs to be done, in order for you to get started. Maybe you have been doing the same thing over and over, for a little while now, and based on an objective analysis, it just may not be working towards your goal. Stop! go back to the drawing table and identify what needs to be done in order to get going.

Is it a solution to a problem that you should be considering? How many persons have that problem that you can solve? Are you an expert or do you act as the middle-man? Are you limited to your geographical area or can it be done online and widen the reach potential?

Maybe the space for the service or product that you have is competitive, however with some thought process, your solution could be enhanced, and be given the edge.

Think Like A Spider

There is nothing saying that you have to do this by yourself. I always tell persons to consider the spider. The spider has eight legs. In your journey – your eight legs could be eight experts working with you to help you achieve your goal. For example, there maybe the accounting expert, the sales expert, the manufacturing or product expert, the marketing expert and even the security expert. This is all dependant on what you are providing to the public – in order to drive your revenue or income numbers up.

Having the experts surrounding you will free you up to have laser focus on your particular space of expertise. Like we say in the Caribbean – No Man Is An Island. That simply means that we all work together to lighten the load and get the job done, while all involved will still benefit. This can also have the impact of shortening the overall timeline for your end goal of becoming the millionaire.

Part of this concept also means that with the challenges which will be faced, the determination and resolve has to be there. It is simply not for the weak of heart. Again, like the spider, this is one determined creature, as if this has determined a position to build it’s web, it will do so and leverage whatever obstacles are in the space while making its web structure. Similarly us, with all of our intelligence can be focused and not be caught up with the soothsayers and naysayers. There is a job at hand – and that is to become a millionaire.

Who Are Your Friends Or Associates?

One thing about becoming a millionaire is that you have to sass out who are your true friends and who are tagging along for the benefits. When persons get wind of what you are looking to achieve then you will have to keep an eye out. There are those who will be genuine and your gut will also tell you this to some extent. However there are those will be in for a meal ticket, with you paying.

Take a look at several millionaire or even billionaire persons out there. They act and go along like any other ordinary person at times, rather than bring out the flashy stuff. We all know why, but just in case for those a little behind…try not to become a moving target. If you flash your trend upwards to all and sundry – some will put obstacles in your way as a form of jealousy and others will be on to you for whatever they can get out of you and your pathway to beoming a millionaire.

A word to the wise is sufficient.

Maybe you can let me know how your journey to millionaire status is coming along? Have you started yet? Click Here…